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Creating  Your New  Story

Standing in the hallway -

Behind you is a closed door

In front of you are more doors but none are open yet.

So you stand .. and wait ..

Does this sound like you?

Living in the time between chapters of your life can be challenging.  

Maybe it's the empty nest.

Maybe you're

newly - almost - semi- retired.

Maybe you're readjusting to a new identity after a loss, divorce or death.

It's a time of redefining yourself.

Step back ... look around ...

and just pause.

Are you ready to create that life you always wanted?

It's time to get ready for that next chapter in your life!

Experience your personal

10 week journey 

where you will learn the steps to

- let go of your past

- reduce stress

- increase confidence

- love yourself

- create a life you love!

coffee morning_edited.jpg


Coaching Opportunity

Virtual coaching includes:

- 30 minute FREE clarity call.

- 10 week package

- Individualized focus

- Determine your main goals

- Identify your next step

- Your personal wellness

- Weekly personalized homework

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