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Book Reviews:

"I'm impressed not only because it is an intriguing story but it is also well written in a literary sense.  I have read a lot and have a good idea of what is good writing and what is poor writing.  Excellent technique to use allegory to describe difficult seasons of your life.  It shows a depth of forgiveness and grace that is beautiful."  Carolyn P.

"I liked reading about the author's first-hand experiences and how she got through the stressful times then followed with the "Pause..." sections in the book. Contemplating on what had just transpired in her life, the thoughts, advice, and questions posed in the "Pause" sections gave rise to my thinking about how I have handled and presently manage my own stress, when life happens."  Tanice T.

"I read Linda Vickers book cover to cover in one sitting. It was well written and a blessing to me in so many ways. I could see so much of my own story through hers and the infusion of her faith gave me hope. A great word for believers or not… there is a message in here for everyone."   Jocelyn J.


Linda Vickers
Published Author
Certified Life Coach

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Just Pause ...
How to Reduce Stress When Life Happens.

Now available at Amazon Books!

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Paperback - 100 pages

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Just Pause ...
How to Reduce Stress When Life Happens
Paperback    or    Kindle Ebook

This is a journey through some difficult seasons of life.  Linda worked for many years with the homeless community and non-profits organizations.  She shares about life with her happy family, then divorce, challenges of starting over, work burnout, caregiving and grief.  The challenges taught her how to just pause ... to rest ... to listen and learn ... and to trust in Jesus.

This is her story of hope.

Linda is a certified life coach, who helps other women reduce their stress so they can confidently simplify and enjoy life.    She coaches, facilitates, teaches and currently leads a thriving online ministry.    She loves people, recognizing that everyone has a story.    Linda has strengthened her faith as she walks in trust, with an understanding of the significance and value of community.

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