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                         Rediscover Your Healthy Life

Do you need direction in your life?

Are you feeling like you just need more time?

Do you really know yourself? 

Are you wanting/needing to change careers?

Do you need some more fun?

Did you know that we have a wellness system that interconnects our entire body?  

-  social

(community involvement; relationships with friends/family/co-workers,etc.)

-  spiritual

-  environmental

(what kind of environment do you live in?)

-  financial

-  emotional

-  physical

-  intellectual

(continued learning)

If any of these areas become stressed, as they may when experiencing grief or a loss of some sort, it will affect other parts of our system, therefore affecting every part of our lives.  It's so important to take care of yourself!

As you learn about the 7 different components that affect your health and wellness, you will implementing some gentle changes.  This will result in your system realigning and you will restore to a healthy balance in your life.   

This information can be taught as a group workshop, or can be implemented as an individual coaching program for you.  

Discover more energy, and enjoy your life again!

What People Said of the 

 "Your Healthy Lifestyle" Workshop

Chris Harper,

Jordan Principle Manager

""We all struggle with stress.  Today was a good experience being able to talk about grieving.""

Allinda Munroe,

Wellness Worker

"This is a very good workshop allowing me to see that there are different types of components of health.  

Good information and handouts that I will refer to."

Hazel Harper,

Jordan Principle

Regional Wellness Capacity Facilitator

"The exercises give a good way to learn about the different ways of coping and keeping everyone engaged throughout the seminar.  Good job!"

Image by Chandler Cruttenden

    It's Time to Live

     Your Best Life

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