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Today Matters

“If you start today to do the right thing, you are already a success even if it doesn’t show yet.” -John Maxwell-

It's 2020! This has always been thought of as the most perfect vision. This is also a leap year - with an extra day for us to step into our new. As we look at our new blank calendar book, we have unlimited opportunities to grow into the person we really want to be. This is a time when we make plans for change, make promises to ourselves, and hope to succeed.

But is it a new year again, and still the old me?

When we want to make progress and positive changes the first thing is to recognize this. The goals, when written down, are the goals most likely to be reached! When written down, they are no longer hidden, but brought into the light. So it is with vision - we can see better in the light. It's 2020! Don't hide, but determine to succeed. Success isn't necessarily the final result. Success is every day we continue to try, continue to learn, continue to do. It might be the university student away from home for the first time, the mom with the new baby, first day at the new job, the senior attempting a new challenge, or maybe its a family with a child receiving their first cancer treatment. Every day we meet someone who needs to be encouraged as we takes steps into the new. Success is in showing up every day, taking the necessary steps to reach your goals.

Some years are more difficult than others. We've all had them, and we hope that the next year will be new and improved. The sun will rise every day, but our part is to make intentional choices. Today matters. Every day we make choices - what we eat, decisions we make, and who we spend time with. When we allow the clock to just tick, we realize at the end of the day that nothing was necessarily accomplished. But each day, we choose. We choose to take the necessary steps to reach our goals. Each decision towards our purpose is a success. One decision, one day at a time. You can do this!

Some years are a time of transition. These can be challenging as most of us don't like change. But have faith, and trust that your steps are moving you into a new position for a purpose that will be for your good.

I hope that this year will bring clarity for your life, and that you will awaken to see the beauty and peace in the journey.

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