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Writing Your Story 

 The Art of Collecting Memories

It's been 7 years since my dad passed.  And already 5 years since suddenly losing mom.  It's hard to imagine and the time has gone so quickly.  I miss them both SO much!  And now - I wish I knew more about them!  Looking through photos has me wondering about my grandparents too.  Their lives were so different than mine.  

Maybe you're like me and wish you'd asked the questions.  Life changes so rapidly - clothing, home and furniture design, toys, how we celebrate holidays, and even parenting styles.  How we grew up is so different than our parents and now our children.

Stats say that 50 years after someone has passed, there are very little memories left of them.  That's so sad, but true when we think about it. 
There are a lot of agencies that can help rebuild the fa
mily tree and help us learn about our heritage, but not necessarily help us to learn the stories.

What about today?  

Do you want to document your stories as part of history?  Look how much life has changed around us in the past 40 years!  60 years!  Your stories matter! 
Or do you want to leave a living legacy for your family? 

  Now is the time!

Join this writing class where we can recover the memories of

our growing up years.  
It's going to be fun to reminisce about
favorite toys and music,
extra-curricular activities and what your room looked like.
What car did you learn to drive?  Your story matters!

Benefits of Writing

- Exercise your memory
- Develop a better understanding of self-worth and value
- Increase confidence with self discovery
- Improve your writing
- Boost your mood
- Have fun sharing memories
- Your family
 will thank you!

What to Expect

Class will include:
- 1.5 hours of time together
- Focus on growing up years
- Fun memory focus 
- Memory prompting
- Q & A time
- There will be homework

- Sharing (we hope you will participate but not necessary)
- Limited seating to ensure a comfortable group
- Online with ZOOM (link provided upon registration)

It's So Much Fun To Do This Together

Wednesdays - 7:00 CST
April 3rd - May 22nd

8 weeks of FUN

(in Canada)
to reserve your spot

Linda Vickers is your Personal Story Facilitator
She's a published author, creator and host of "Inspired by Her Story" fbook group and YouTube channel where she has produced over 200
Linda has years of experience listening to stories while working with seniors, youth and the homeless population.   And many women have shared their stories over a cup of coffee through the years.   

veryone has a story! 

Through her experience as a certified wellness & grief recovery coach,
Linda has developed a technique of asking questions that help individuals discover their personal stories.


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