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Personality Profile

Are you outgoing? or reserved?

Are you people or task oriented?

There is NO right or wrong answer - each of us are created designed.



  • YOUR personal DISC communication style

  • The communication style of others and how to connect to them

  • The ideal environment where you can bring your best forward

  • Your strengths in 7 key areas of influence

  • And how you can grow into your potential

This is an amazing tool for couples, as well as youth, and in the work place.

When we discover our personal communication style,

our strengths and thought processes,

we are able to move into our future with confidence and vision.

You will receive over 30 pages of personal information developed specifically with your individual results. 

As a certified Maxwell DISC  Consultant I am equipped with world class training and information to add value to individuals and groups.

Cost:  $60.00

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