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"Just Pause" means to slow down ...

to be still ...

to listen ...
Listen to your heart.  

Seasons of life change. 

Perhaps you are newly on your own.

You may be experiencing an empty nest.  

Recently retired?

As women, we often look after everyone else before ouselves.  
Our families, our work, our commitments, our jobs,

our friends our homes.

As you experience life challenges

are you feeling tired?


Grieving loss?

These feelings are valid!

Perhaps it's time to rest.

Meet Linda,  a certified wellness & lifestyle coach.

She's here to help you "just pause",

become refreshed, simplify life, 


become a confident woman with purpose! 

Linda has experienced divorce, 

losing multiple family members within 3 years, 

 working front-line mission work,  and burnout.

Having gone through several major changes in her life, she understands the emotional aspects of life transitions.

Together you will:

- Build confidence

- Simplify your life  

- reduce stress in your life

- Discover your identity & purpose

You can learn to "just pause".

Most importantly,

you will become a confident woman who can "just pause"

and enjoy a simplified life!

We were never created to do life alone.  

Let's  journey together!


mebook (4).jpg
Linda Vickers
Certified Wellness Coach

Certified with:

IWS Inc - Interpersonal Wellness Services 

John Maxwell Certification 

Published author:  Just Pause...


"Come to Me,
all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

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Letting  go  of  Yesterday

All the clutter and negative emotions of loss and grief,  stress, unforgiveness and disappointment remind us of yesterday.

If you don't let it go,

you carry it around and it will continue to disrupt our lives.

Let it go so you can focus on today!

coffee and converation 4.jpg

Enjoying Today

Do you ask yourself - "Who am I?"  

Do you feel overwhelmed?  Stressed?  Feel stuck?  

Live with confidence and realize your own value and identity!

Learn to love yourself.

Linda can help you learn to 

Just pause ...


coffee morning_edited.jpg

Vision for Tomorrow

Where do you want to be next year?

Are you living a healthy life?   

physically & emotionally? 

Do you have a dream for tomorrow?

Without vision people perish!

Linda can help you

learn how to become

the best version of yourself!

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