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My name is Linda, and I am so happy you’re here!


Life happens, and with that we experience grief and loss,

and usually some challenges.

Listen to your heart. 


During your journey of loss and grief ...

and the times when life changes...

You need to just pause ...

to remember who you are,

and plan who you want to become.


And you need to pause to pray.


Does this sound like you?

Living in the time between chapters of your life can be challenging. 

Maybe you're readjusting to a new identity

after a loss, divorce or death.​

It's a time of redefining yourself.​

Step back ... look around .. and just pause.

As women, we often look after everyone else before ourselves.
Our families, our work, our commitments, our jobs,

our friends, our homes.

Perhaps it's time to rest and recover from that last chapter.

And maybe it's time to recreate your own life.

Within this space, you'll discover:

the healing art of journaling.

techniques of naturally caring for yourself

various methods of reducing the stress within your life. 

how to grieve in a healthy way.

a path to recreate your life after loss

BUT, mostly you'll discover HOPE!


This is also a place where you will hear stories of encouragement,

from many women who share their stories full of messages that will inspire!


I hope you can stay awhile. 

I know that there’s something special here for you! 


After 27 years of marriage, Linda experienced divorce.  She lost everything. 

Long-distance parenting, and then long-distance care-giving during her dad's 15 year battle with cancer

led to a move back to her hometown in order to help her mom. 

A week before her move, her mom unexpectedly passed,

leaving Linda shocked but still needing to move as she'd purchased a home in that city.   

Life happens.

Having experienced several significant losses over a 20 year span

and major changes in her life, Linda understands the emotional aspects of life transitions. 

She has learned how to create a life after loss.

We were never created to do life alone. 

Let's journey together!




Life Coach Certified with:

The John Maxwell Team

IWS Inc - Interpersonal Wellness Services 


YouTube Podcast Host:  Inspired by Her Story

fbook group:  Inspired by Her Story

fbook group:  Inspired to Hope

Instagram:  coachlindavickers


Published author:

Just Pause...How to Reduce Stress when Life Happens

Soon to be published:

Be Insired to Hope ... There's Life After Loss


Linda is available

- for personal coaching

- to teach courses on:

Creating Life After Loss ... The Healing Journey through Grief

Finding Peace in the Storms ... Reducing Stress when Life Happens

- to lead a workshop for your group:

Inspired Ink  .. Confidence to Create a New Life

.. Prophetic Journaling


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