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How to Live in Isolation

Some isolation tips:

- Remember YOU are in control, even with restrictions!

- Be mindful of your actions throughout the day - a song or sound (play some music, save the movie watching for later),

- Sensory feelings - wear something cozy or bake something and share with a neighbor. Rearrange your bedroom, bathroom, closet just a few ideas

- Visual observations - what is going on outside? Only check social media and watch the news once during the day!

- Reach out to someone outside your home.

- Go for a walk to get some fresh air and get your heart rate up.

- Find something to laugh about.

- Clean or organize a space (closet, recipe box).

- Do one thing because you want to - have a latte, go for a drive, enjoy a hot bath, tend to something living such as a plant or a pet. - Eat meals at your normal times, take medications as prescribed, drink plenty of water.

Even though you may not see anyone in a day, it's important to shower, get dressed, do your hair, etc. Keep your routine as you normally would.

The biggest message for people right now is "we have control of our own well being", no one can make you feel crappy, sad, angry, etc.

Be kind. Take care of yourself!

Submitted by Erna Honeyman

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