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Amazon #1 Best seller

"Just Pause to Grieve"


Being able to "just pause" is a lifestyle and an opportunity to find peace in the storms of life.  If you've picked up this book, "Just Pause to Grieve" you've experienced loss.  There are  many types of losses; it's guaranteed we'll experience them.  I'm sorry that your'e here on this journey, but let's walk it together.  Grief can be overwhelming and leave us wondering how we'll ever be able to enjoy life again


"Just Pause to Grieve" will offer you:

- information into the various types of grief & loss

(death, divorce, estrangement and much more).

- ways to remember and honor your special loved one

- coping methods for your emotions

- suggestions for self-care and personal health & wellness

- ideas on what to do with your sentimental items

- opportunity to learn how to create a life you'll love

- over 60+ journal prompts to help you process your grief

People who journal are better able to cope with their heartache, have less anxiety, can reduce stress and improve memory function.  With insightful questions included in this journal workbook you will experience a personal encounter with your own heart. 

And one the pages of your journal, miracles can happen!


Thank you Linda for creating this book.  It is a long over-due invitation for me to sit and process my grief.  Thank you for this invitation to start the process.  It's time!

                                               ... Valerie

I like the small, easy to consume chapters.  I'm not grieving right now but I'm thinking these are nice bite size chunks that can be worked through as a person is able without seeming overwhelmed.  Nice tips throughout each section with helpful journal prompts.          ... Michelle

Linda has a unique way of appraching the process of dealing with grief through journalling. I wish I had this book when I was walking through the thick of things, it would have helped substantially!      ... Kemberlee

This book is a well written and an interesting look at life and loss. I like the way that Linda suggested that we all face grief in one way or another. Whether it be the loss of a job, a child moving out of the home, or the death of a loved one, this book would be excellent to read. Also, our grief is different from another's and so is our journey to healing. Self care is important and there are lots of good ideas found in this book. FIVE STARS!

                                                   ... LD Heieie

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Amazon #1 Best Seller!

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Also available:
Just Pause to Journal"
This is a notebook that includes a chapter taken from the "Just Pause to Grieve" regarding journaling.  Thsi is a perfect partner to the 

"Just Pause to Grieve" ebook.

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