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Home Sweet Home

You may be in a transitional stage of life

experiencing an empty nest, a loss, 

or you may be needing to downsize.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you needing to move and downsize

but don't know where to start?

Or maybe your rooms need to find a new purpose?

While processing grief and loss,

personal belongings and other treasures can become a challenge.

Feeling nervous or stressed?

Maybe you're downsizing a parent?

After experiencing many of these life transitions,

I understand. 

I can help you create a plan.

Sometimes we need to let go of yesterday

so we can create a new vision for tomorrow.

Let's share some ideas!

One Room Redesigned
to Suit Personal Needs

A Child's Playroom

A Reading Room

A Hobby Room


Treasure the Memories

Christmas Ornament Collection

christmas ornaments2.jpg

Christmas wreath created from Grandma's Silver Tray 

sentimental round tray.jpg

Grandpa's camera, retro photos and frames displayed

camera display.jpg

Garage - Before & After

Storage Room

This is a "before and  "after"

of a  storage room.

Removing the garbage, 

organizing the needed items,

and many donation trips later, the room is now a functional space.

Create A Simplified Clean Look with Containers

Kitchen "Junk" Drawer

Bathroom Cupboard

Linen Closet

junk drawer.jpg
linen closet.jpg
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