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 Are you feeling stressed?


Just Pause ...


 Learn how to let go of yesterday, how to enjoy today, and how to create a vision for tomorrow. You’ll discover how to reduce stress when you just pause.

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Paperback ($15.97) Cdn  or  Kindle Version ($2.99) Cdn
Paperback - Just Pause Journal (11.97)


  • How to reduce stress

  • How to be thankful even in the storm

  • The importance of community

PDF Download - How to Reduce Stress in Your Life

Who Are We
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Meet the Author

Linda Vickers is a certified life coach, who helps others reduce stress and create a life they love. Linda coaches, facilitates, teaches and currently leads a thriving online ministry. She loves people, recognizing that everyone has a story. Linda has strengthened her faith as she walks in trust, with an understanding of the significance and value of community.

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