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"Best Day Ever"

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Recently, Mike and Cathy Davis suddenly lost her grand-son. His name was Matthew and he had been diagnosed with autism as well as seizures. Because of his conditions his social skills were delayed and he was a special needs child.

Matthew was a pretty incredible boy growing up and touched the lives of many throughout the years. His parents were told that he wouldn’t live past the age of 12, and also that he would not graduate high school nor attend college.

It was a discouraging outlook but he amazed everyone and lived to 22 years, graduated high school as well as was currently enrolled in the Community Integration Through Co-operated Education Program at Confederation College.

The family went ahead regardless of the bad report and raised him to live his life enjoying the many things he loved to do. Matthew made friends everywhere he went, drawing people by his constant smile and caring attitude. He enjoyed being around those he loved, he acted in school plays and celebrated every life event and he lived his life to the absolute fullest. He helped with fundraising events, attended Scouts and went on outings with them. He participated in bowling at Special Olympics and represented his High School at the Invitational Youth Games in Toronto.

Matthew's life was honoured by his High School, Scouts, The College which raised the flag to half mast for him, family and people he knew. The community brought flowers, gifts cards and huge amounts of food to the house for all to enjoy as they honoured his memory. Relatives participated in a Sacred Fire to help in the Journey of Healing as they shared memories of him and also food.

The family put together Shadow Boxes to display the uniforms, medals and badges that Matthew won over the years. Two of the Scout leaders were pall bearers as well as his relatives. Some Elders did a presentation of Traditional Journey of healing at his funeral and his grandfather brought a message from Scripture.

He left a beautiful Scouts Poem in one of his coat pockets that spoke of his duty as a scout and honoured his mom and dad which was so special to find.

This is a story of Faith to share with people that even when the report is not good you can trust in God and live a full life being who you are, loving others in your own way. Matthew’s life was not originally given much hope to live long but he made a huge impact in his short years we had him with us.

He was known as an outgoing young man with an infectious smile who always brought positivity and warmth to a room. It’s amazing how our lives can touch others as we just be ourselves and use our lives to do the things we love to do and be with those we love to be with.

He lived life to the best of his ability as each day was a gift. Presently two awards for students are being made in Matthew’s name - what an honour. While here, we trust and believe for the impossible and for God to use us as we are.

We can follow Matthew's example to look forward to each day. As he would say, "This is the Best Day Ever!"

written by: Cathy Davis

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