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Shawna developed cerebral palsy at birth, which affects her muscle control, coordination and movement. She uses a wheelchair full-time and communicates with an electronic communication board.

Shawna has always been a happy girl, excited when company come to visit, enjoying her family time and especially the pool in the summer.

Currently, Shawna lives in a community home operated by St. Amant Center. She has a beautiful big purple room, because purple is her favorite color, and her best friend is her room mate. This is such a good set-up for her, and she is kept busy with a full calendar!

Shawna’s life has been full and enjoyable for her. She goes to a day program with her friends, bowls once a week, and every 2nd week St. Amant hosts a party called the Funky Monkey where she can enjoy food, music and she can dance with her boyfriend. Sundays, she visits her family at their home.

Shawna’s assistant helps her with daily functions and one year even took her to Banff for a holiday! Although no longer working with Shawna, she still regularly visits as they have developed such a good friendship.

Now, because of covid, life has changed dramatically. Some have said – same storm, same boat. But although it might be the same storm, some boats are cruise ships where there isn’t much difference in daily life, and some boats are canoes being tossed in every direction. We may be in this together – but with VERY different experiences.

Most of us, if we’re honest, have had some type of meltdown due to the many changes and restrictions that this virus has placed on us. For some people, it’s really difficult to understand.

Her family thought of driving by and waving through the window and leaving her gifts outside for her birthday. Then they all decided that it would likely upset her more if they just waved and drove away without going in to see her.

Yet with all these challenges and changes, Shawna remains positive and hopeful. She lives and enjoys time with her best friend and has a new assistant to spend time with as well. She’s been busy watching Christmas movies, and even baking cookies! The tree is up and Shawna loves to sit enjoying the beauty of the lights!

Everyone is so thankful for technology, as Shawna is always eager to connect with her family on FaceTime.

Although its not the same, they are hopeful in knowing that there will be a day when they can soon meet again.

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