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Finding Peace in the Storm

So there we were going about our day as usual - planning for a new baby or wedding, caring for a senior parent, preparing for an exam or presentation at work, washing the car or baking our favorite cookies … then life happened … and it will never be the same!

Suddenly, hyper-focusing on our health, aware of the safety of our loved ones and many losing jobs, we fight fear in the change that wasn't our plan. Locked in isolation, how are you managing?

This is the beginning of a series of teachings about finding your peace in this storm. We all will be reacting differently. That's ok. Introverts and extroverts, adult and child - we're all going to be responding differently to the changes, that were out of our control but had to be made.

There's a story of a woman who had a cup of coffee. Unexpectedly, someone bumped into her, and she spilled the coffee all over the floor. It was wiped up, no one was hurt. But what would happen if we were bumped, and we were filled with anger? That's what would be spilling out all over everyone, and likely someone would get hurt.

We don't know how someone else is being affected by this new storm. It's taken all of us by surprise. Recently, I experienced a very disturbing grocery visit. No one spoke. No one smiled. Everyone was shifting around aware of the "social distancing" (good thing), but it felt so unfriendly. No one looked at anyone, just kept their eyes down, and thoughts to themselves. It feels like we've been abandoned to ourselves.

With so many changes all at the same time, our stress level has taken to a new height. Did you know that there are different dimensions to our being that contribute to that stress level? When one is affected, it affects the rest.

I'm going to share about the Wellness System where all parts work together to form the whole. All relationships are experienced as a system. Sometimes the system is chaotic, inflexible, painful and destructive to our well-being and at other times the system can be stable, flexible, healing and transforming. When we understand our wellness system as parts that are connected, we become aware that they will affect each other as we react to what is happening.

An example of this is when we have an important deadline - for an exam or presentation. Maybe we're organizing a special event. We may suffer from headaches, sleepless nights and inability to eat. When we take care of ourselves in one area, we also notice a lift in other areas. ALL activities either negatively or positively impact the whole system. One day at a time, we can achieve a more balanced health and wholeness.

Every part of us is interconnected. Just like our physical systems - muscular, digestive, circulatory etc, there are different components in your Wellness System. It's my goal that by learning how to change some of the areas in your life that are causing the most stress, you will ultimately also find Peace in this Storm.

This is a FREE course. I usually teach it as a workshop - which is great with interaction and sharing ideas and solutions. This month, it is FREE. Please subscribe to the web-site so you won't miss any parts of this teaching. It will give you things to think about, and possibly provide solutions to your wellness. I also ask that you'd share this with your friends. It's a way of helping each other.



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