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Learn to Love
and Live Again


Signature Program

This includes:

- 12 week package

- Let go of the past

- Personal values

- Self-care

- Manage time

- Simplify life

- Personal wellness

- Reduce stress

- Increase confidence

- Increase personal wellness

- Create vision for tomorrow


Live a Life
of Simplicity

This includes:

- 8 week package

- Declutter your home

and your heart

- Discover the purpose of

each room

- Sentimental items


The Journey through Grief

This includes:

- 6 week package

We grieve for different types

of life loss.

- death,

- empty nest,

- divorce,

- loss of a dream or career,

- living with estrangement

You will learn:

- Stages of healing

- Sentimental items

- Preparing for holidays

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Personal Coaching

Virtual coaching includes:

- 30 minute FREE clarity call.-

- 6 week package

- Individualized focus

- Determine your main goals

- Identify your next step

- Identify expectations

- Your personal wellness

- Weekly personalized homework

- Your personal coaching 6 week package

Personal Coaching

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Your Wellness

Did you know that we have a wellness system that

interconnects our entire body?

When an area becomes stressed,

as it will,

it will affect other parts of our system.

(Example:  when we have deadlines at work, we may experience headaches.)

Stress can affect all areas of our lives, but when we improve in one area,

it will always improve every area!

It's so important to take care of yourself!

Personal coaching is available:

- in person 

- over the phone

- or online.

6 week Package $199

8 week Package $279

Signature Program

12 week Package $399

You are investing in your health and your future.  

A sliding price scale is in effect.

If you are interested in investing in the restoration for another woman,

donations are welcome, although no receipts can currently be issued. 

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