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Gift of Hospitality - Room at the Inn

Many many years ago - it had been a difficult year for a very pregnant girl, with her new husband, trying to be strong amid the many adversities of their time. And now, the couple had suddenly needed to travel to a different city and they needed a place to stay. They hadn't planned it this way. They had to be safe, and they didn’t know how long they’d be staying.

It had been a stressful year for them…

And ... this has been a stressful year for us ... so much has changed with this covid year. When the lockdown happened in March, we learned that being isolated was difficult. We developed empathy for those who are alone all the time – the disabled, the seniors and the many others who live single.

It was a season where many families opted to include a puppy or kitten into their homes. Great for company as there was time to care for the little ones. We just aren't created to live life alone!

As the year went on, we became increasingly aware of others around us. Were they ok? Our neighbors? Our friends? No longer do we ask, “how are you” and expect a non-committed answer of “I’m ok” - cause no one is okay! This has changed us all.

In November, when the premier announced yet another lockdown in code red within our province, my sister and her husband immediately phoned and invited me to stay with them. It would allow me to be with family during the Christmas season, and in case the lockdown extended, we’d be assured of being together for the holidays.

What a gift! It was hectic as I needed to decide quickly to pack my clothes, my food, pup supplies, and everything I needed for at least a month! Within 2 hours, I was heading out of town, onto the highway in order to get to their house before dark.

I arrived a few hours later, to find an apartment-like area, fully decorated for the Christmas season with everything I would need. They had generously opened their home and their hearts for me again!

It’s been almost 6 weeks now, and although we are 3 adults, an older big dog, an active puppy and a kinda cranky cat, we have been learning to live together. It's been sometimes loud, and living in isolation we've learned a lot about each other! Movies, card games, meals, cleaning chores, and personal quiet times organically developed to gain an atmosphere of respect while living in community. The time has gone fast! And that's a good sign! It’s turned out to be a VERY good season!

Have you ever been given something you didn’t even know you needed?

I'm so grateful to have been invited to the room at the inn - what a perfect gift this Christmas season!

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