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Is Mom Ready for Back to School ?

Back to school -

... as a mom, we stress in finding all the necessary school supplies and hoping we'd purchased the items our kids would need and like.

... as a mom, we shop for the new school clothes, searching for the correct sizes, styles and colors, and something that looked cool.

... and as a mom we have the emotions of first days of school - the anxiety about who their new friends would be. Have we done everything to prepare them? Will they do okay?

... and as a mom we also the emotions of feeling glad we will again get back some time for ourselves, and feeling guilty for looking forward to it. But we need self-care!

Sometimes when the kids go back to school we get more time for ourselves, and sometimes it means more work as we need to add more into our schedules as we pack lunches and help with homework.

No matter what is going on in your world right now - your child will be the best they can be. Because YOU have done the best you could do!!

It's been a strange couple of years we've just gone through, and nothing is normal or relatable that could have prepared anyone for this year.

Celebrate yourself! You've done well! We will always see our kids as our little ones, they're our kids even when they stand taller than we do.

This year your little one has entered into a new adventure and YOU have done your best! With every age and stage of our children, we all continue to learn as they grow.

Perhaps your child is entering pre-school class, or kindergarten, high school or even college. No one said being a mom would be easy, but no one told us it could be so difficult. We pour into them so they'll grow up and leave home and make choices of their own, to be strong and independent people living their own lives. Letting go can be difficult. Letting go can be challenging. But let go. Let God, who created your child, lead and guide them onto the path He's created for them to walk. It may be a tough road, but that's often how we learn our lessons in life.

And pause -

Now it's time to do something for yourself! Treat yourself to a breakfast or coffee break with a friend. Go for a walk in a park and find a quiet spot to journal your thoughts. Take some time to process the past year and the many changes that have happened. Do something for yourself!

Being a mom can be a difficult job, but it is a privilege. So thank you! for guiding this next generation to be the leaders we need. The ones we will ask the hard questions. The ones who are strong and willing to do the hard labor jobs. The ones who are curious and will make discoveries. The ones who are especially kind who will develop charities and hospitals to help those in need. The ones who see and release beauty through literature and theatre and creative arts. Thank you for parenting our future teachers, lawyers, politicians, doctors and pastors.

This is just the beginning of a new season.

You are and will always be their mom.

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