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It's a New Season!

It’s been quite a few months now since lockdown started, and I find myself looking out the

window wondering what’s happening in YOUR house?

It’s been so long since we could enjoy a coffee visit together …

A year ago, covid was something that was happening on the other side of the world, then it

started affecting our holiday plans. And, then … well … life as we knew it changed.

So, what have you been doing? I’ve been wanting to invite you over!!

Some people watched movies, did puzzles, craft painted, did online courses, and some got busy

sorting through their homes, decluttering and reorganizing.

A lot of us are now working at home. There may be 2 adults, and kids trying to find space for

their home work and computers. There may be young ones attempting to get some attention.

There may be new puppies needing to go outside, barking at the window.

For many of us, our wardrobes now consist mostly of a variety of sweats, and pajamas – with

tops that can be dressed up enough for the many zoom meetings.

Am I being real? Haha

Some of us have sorted through some of our things, in an attempt to organize, and then just

gotten too bored to complete the project.

And we've been working on a list of home renovations. A friend told me she tried to

make an appointment, but discovered it would take over a year to get a diving board attached

to her pool, because of the increase in demand. People are staying home. The stores can’t

keep outdoor fire pits in stock. If we can only visit outdoors, we want to be warm and cozy.

I used to make sure my place was clean when company was coming over. And, I love having

people drop by – so I kept my place tidy. Now – does it really matter if the dishes get done?

Is it just me here!?

This is where our vision needs to refocus. This is our home. Our nest. It’s for us to enjoy!

Are we making use of the space we have? Or is it just piled up with clothes that should be

donated? Is there a stack of towels, curtains or bedding in the linen closet that aren’t being

used? Perhaps now is the time to sort through the extras and really make room in our homes

for what suits our needs today!

With spring almost here, it’s the perfect time to really clean out those cupboards and closets.

Spring is in the air!

It is that time of the year when your home deserves a heavy clean up and determined

scrubbing. Honestly, if there’s ever been a year that needed cleaning, it’s this one, where are

homes have REALLY been lived in!

Perhaps we need to scrub the floors. This is our foundation, so we need to get on our knees

and get into those crevices and really scrub what others may not see.

We need to wipe the dust and dirt off the windows to allow us to have better vision.

The furnace needs to have an annual check up as well. It’s the heart of our home, controlling the temperature in the atmosphere. Sometimes we need the warm heat, but when it’s connected to an air conditioner, it also will cool us down when things just get too hot around us!

It’s the annual spring clean, but when we are able to keep up with the process, it won’t take

long for everything in our homes to function as they’re meant.

Let’s get ready for this new season in every way. We all really need it!

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