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Just Pause... On a winter walk.

One of the most relaxing activities is to walk in the snow.

Sometimes as we walk, we listen to music or a podcast. But maybe today is a good time to just enjoy the quiet of the walk.

Listen to the crunching beneath your feet.

Be intentionally present during your walk. Notice the footprints in front of you and imagine who may have walked in those boots. Is there a sleigh trail? or perhaps animal prints ... maybe a deer or rabbit?

Notice the faces of those on the walk path. Perhaps they need to hear a friendly "hello" or even sharing a smile will brighten their day!

Feel the coolness of the air on your cheeks. Doesn't it feel good to feel so alive - to be startled by the gentle snow as it softly lands on your nose, or the quiet breeze as it brushes past your face.

Can you hear the laughter of nearby children? Are they building a fort or a snowman? Perhaps this brings back memories of your childhood or maybe last week as you played with your grandkids.

Or maybe you can hear the wind rocking the tops of the nearby trees, as it shakes the snow off the highest branches.

What do you see?

What do you hear? The rhythm of your footsteps fall in line with your heartbeat. Enjoy it! Take another deep breath. Stress out...peace in...

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1 Comment

Theresa Gibbons
Theresa Gibbons
Feb 07, 2022

I very seldom take the time to dwell in the present. Usually we are so busy...hurried... no time for ourselves. Lets all take the time we need to see the beauty of nature that He wants us to enjoy. Take time.

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