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Looking for the puzzle piece...

Sometimes life can be like a puzzle.

I had a vision of a colorful puzzle being thrown up into the air - and then all the pieces just hung there, suspended in time. I wanted to gather the pieces and fit everything together. But, all the pieces weren't ready. They slowly spun in a circular motion, waiting for their turn to fall.

When God fits us together, its in His timing. Every detail needs to fit, but in His order for it to happen. Maybe its a new job. Maybe its a healed relationship. Maybe you're needing a new place to live. In His timing, it will happen.

We want to make the pieces fit together. But, if we jam them together, they can get damaged.

We want to build the edge of the puzzle first so nothing can escape. And, we want to see the finished picture! But with God, our lives will continue to grow, as the pieces expand into new ideas and new opportunities and adventures.

Life can be like a puzzle. And when we partner with the One who created it, it will become a beautiful masterpiece!

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