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Finding Peace - Finding Faith

Updated: May 19, 2020

Part of our personal wellness is recognizing that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We’re emotional beings, not usually logical. We don’t see the world as it is necessarily, but we see the world as we are, from what we’ve learned through our experiences and how we’ve been taught while growing up. We’re all different. But, whatever storm we’re facing, we can look to God for peace.

Our spiritual wellness is where our core beliefs come from. We develop our core values growing up, and we visualize our best self finding a sense of purpose. We connect ourselves with a Creator God or a higher power than ourselves.

Over the past number of years, I have had to face a number of storms – whether it be bad car accidents, divorce, dad’s 15 years of battling cancer, sudden loss of work, illness, whatever. Every time - I had a choice. I could choose to allow the fear, anxiety and stress to increase while I struggled, focusing only on the storm swirling around me. Or, I could become vulnerable and meet with God. Every time - He was already there, waiting for me. Extending His peace.

The storms in life make a lot of noise. They scream at us; the voices shouting that we’re doing everything wrong, we aren’t good enough. They are frightening – whispering that we’ll go broke and lose our home, our families, or our friends. We search for answers, but find accusations meeting us.

The storms in life crash in , threatening to rip through our safety net at home, yelling through every channel the frightening news of all that’s going wrong in the world. We’ve seen the reporters and the announcers who have broken down in tears. We see and hear the stress of our families and friends who are facing another shift working in fear. Or when we do venture out for some needed groceries people are walking with eyes down, doing this sketchy social distance dance. Wear the masks.

We feel trapped. Right now there is a shock and grief that we’re processing. Our jobs, our social lives, even shopping has limitations. We are attempting to figure out what’s happening to our world, to our friends, families and life as we knew it. We don’t adjust well to change, and everything has changed.

Most of us grew up with some type of faith, but along the way we just got busy. We can remember the security of having faith in something, Someone bigger than all this. Faith is having complete trust and believing in what we can’t yet see.

When the storms come, and they will, how can we handle it better? Yesterday’s storm seemed like a tornado whipping us into a frenzy, chasing us into our homes and slamming the door shut. Today, we are learning to maneuver through the boundaries it has produced. Tomorrow only God knows.

We want to cope better. We want to feel better. Anxiety can grow; our anger and fear can grow. BUT, we can learn to trust the One who knows how to calm the storms.

This is an opportunity for our faith to grow, and for that fear to go.

This is where peace can be born within us. With faith, we can find hope in a new tomorrow.


1. Do you know of a time when you sensed God was with you?

What happened? Tell someone!

2. Do you know of a time when God was trying to get your attention?

How did you respond?

3. Make a list of questions you’d like to ask someone who follows God.

Find that person! Ask the questions.


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