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Seasons Change and So Do I

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Seasons Change and So Do I.

It’s that in-between season that I find difficult. Today the leaves have almost all fallen to the ground, leaving us with empty brown branches. The lawn is frosted most of the day, but the snow has yet to arrive.

We look back and remember the summer, the warm sunshine and afternoons at the lake. In summer we spend a lot of time outside, walking, sitting on our deck, in the garden and outdoor sporting activities. Lots of memories are created with friends and family.

We know the colder weather is coming, and for some it’s a dreaded season. Blue skies have turned to grey. We want to stay inside more, changing our diets from salads to soups. All of this is normal. We need to do what our bodies show us. As the weather cools, we need the warmth of the stews and chili and soups.

But the cooler weather makes us move inside.

During this in-between season time, it’s important to organize your time to include activities that you know will reduce your stress. What can you intentionally plan to look forward to doing? Everyone is different, but you know what will help you. Perhaps join an online group that regularly meets. There are book clubs, toastmaster groups and coffee clubs that connect like-minded people from all over the world. Knowing you aren’t alone will help keep your mood up. It's always good to have something to look forward to doing. A winter project like sorting through the family photos, reorganizing your space or taking a course or learning a new skill will help your time be productive. And you can be proud of your accomplishments!

The colder weather will perhaps make the gym seem farther away. Changing our routine can help keep us active. In the summer, I took my pup for a long walk in the morning and shorter one in the late afternoon. Now that it’s cooler and darker in the mornings, I take my pup on his longer walk later in the day. By then the sun is usually shining, we’re both getting fresh air and good exercise outdoors. It’s important to get outside and breath deep.

Walking also is a great way to reduce the stress of the day. Walk it out. After a day of sitting at a desk or running after customers, the quiet of your footsteps can be soothing. The crunching of the leaves, or soon-to-come snow, becomes the percussion of your steps. It keeps the rhythm.

Be present in your walk. Listen to the wind. Hear the little birds sing to each other. Greet the people you meet. Take a deep breath and refresh your soul.

Just pause ... it's a lifestyle.

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