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What are you doing with your time of "pause"?

Are you positioning yourself to "Just Pause"?

Especially in the winter when it's colder, we watch and use tv as a form of entertainment. It's important to ask questions, maybe even to wonder the purpose of the movie. What did it teach us?

Guard your hearts. Some of the entertainment we're being subjected to will distract us. It may seem like an interesting movie, and then suddenly turn into porn. Or filthy degrading language. Or teaches us to judge others. What are we opening ourselves up to? If we watch the same tv show season after season, and yet the shows are becoming more degrading to your sense of intelligence and morals, its time to ask why? Why are we still watching it? Do these shows align with our personal values? Do they challenge us to be a better person? Do they teach us anything?

Is the news becoming too negative and fearful? Because that's what keeps the ratings up, that's the narrative that will be released. All this can cause additional stress.

When there nothing to watch on tv - do we need more choices? more channels? Is this just an opportunity for those who write the movies to determine what we should see or how we should think? Or is this an opportunity for us to do something else with our time? Learn a new skill - crochet, paint or learn another language. There is no limit to what we can create and learn!

Sometimes our routines are good. Sometimes we are so automatic that we haven't realized what's really happening.

Maybe its time to "Just Pause".

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