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Personal Coaching & Course Reviews

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    I had never worked with a Life Coach before. Unlike my previous experience with a counsellor, the focus has been on moving forward to achieve my goals amidst any occurring life events.
  Working with Linda has enabled me to overcome some of the existing road blocks by identifying the obstacles to completing these tasks.  Our revealing items of discussion included time management, getting organized,  emotional attachment, and boundaries.
  The process was made more effective through the follow-up sessions.  I have an increased awareness of overcoming the obstacles, and a better perspective allowing myself more free time to enjoy my life.

Brenda E.,  Caregiver

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    Linda Vickers coached me via telephone.   She skillfully used questioning and encouragement to help me discover my own truth.  A difficult, longstanding goal was accomplished once fun was incorporated into my day. Since this “ Ah Ha” moment I continue to balance my days, while incorporating fun.

Anne R; B.Ed, while in cancer treatment.


"Just Pause - Life Coaching” has been extremely helpful to me in my charity work and indeed life transforming. Linda Vickers is excellent in facilitating and guiding her clients to the next steps required to build upon the foundations of ones life. She is truly gifted in this area and it is evident that she is walking in her own calling. She is respectful, wise and gentle as she leads her clients into their life’s purpose. It is without reservation that I offer my whole hearted recommendation for Linda Vickers and Inspired to Hope -  Life Coaching services.

Cheri Elliot. Executive Assistant Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Founding Director "To The Stan and Back" non-profit organization
Recipient of the Queens Silver Diamond Jubilee Medal

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I know Linda through our coaching lessons.  I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and we have had our coaching sessions using video calls and it was very effective. Linda is a patient, caring, and loving person.  She listens intensely and always posing insightful questions. I guess one of the most successful part of my coaching time with her is that I am where I am today - as a homemaker, and a home business baking and cooking. Thank you Linda!

Fifi Tumewu, Baker & Catering Entrepreneur

Linda, from "Just Pause Life Coiaching",
is such an encouragement and
motivator for me.
I’m in the process of working through
an extremely challenging time of my life
which has manifested as clutter
and disorganization in my home.
Linda shares her time and expertise
to help me better manage loss and grief,
and her positive, practical suggestions
help me to cultivate
a more tranquil home environment.
Linda provides unique help
that is fit to my sensitivities and needs.

I am grateful!
Linda Tame


Linda and I initially met on the phone, and continued our sessions on zoom. 

When asked what I wanted to gain from our sessions -

I replied that I wanted to get my life in order and declutter my place.

I like how we discussed the barriers that would prevent me from fulfilling my goals.

By doing one category at a time it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 

As she pointed out, it's the little successes that motivate me to keep moving! 

It was also helpful  when she said to replace bad habits with good - like keeping my kitchen sink clear,  making my bed every morning and keeping my kitchen counters clear.


She always include words of encouragement and I look forward to continuing my  journey with her as my guide.



Jennet Pidgeon.


Inspired Ink - Journaling Workshop

Linda gave a workshop on journaling and it was amazing. She was able to work with our group in an insightful, responsive, and powerful way. Everyone came away from the experience with something valuable. People were asking for her to come back to do the workshop again and we would gladly have her back! 

Syrus Doerksen, Pastor @ Maplecrest Vineyard Church

The journalling exercise presented some real insight. The words of the questions were framed to lead your mind and soul in the path of peace. Phil 4:8 Not only were the questions, pleasantly thought-provoking, but being part of the group and hearing other peoples insights just took the scripture time to another level. Overall, it was the perfect combination of time and content. Wonderful job Linda.

Kevin Perrier

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The Art of Collecting Memories

The Art of Collecting Memories proved to be challenging for a non-writer like me, but it soon became a lovely way to  excercise my memory.

I became inspired by the memories of others in the group, and I, in turn shared memories that contributed to their recollections.

We shared and laughed with each other, and in the process, recorded precious memories that might never have been retrieved!  

Thank you Linda, for leading me through your course.  I highly recommend it!

Yvonne Skura

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